Sorry for the Outage!

2016-12-20 This service was offline for about 3 days (Sunday, Dec. 18th - Thuesday, Dec. 20th). Sorry for that!
I've received a mail from the monitoring on sunday, but happily ignored it to do some serious season business (cookies). The automatic updates of the server are disabled again. It seems that the outage was caused by one unattended update. And I promise to read my mails more carefully, even when doing other things.

HTTPS everywhere

2016-10-03 Both the frontend and the API are now available via HTTPS. Please update your bookmarks.
This tool is often used to format SQL statements for debugging. So it seems to be a good choice to enforce a secure connection when communicating with this service. All requests to HTTP urls will be redirected to the according HTTPS urls.

Welcome people from!

2014-05-29 As announced earlier is deprecated and starting from today requests to are redirected to this site. started somewhere in February 2008 (wow, that's 6 years ago!) as an experiment for the underlying SQL parser module and App Engine. The App Engine application always run within the free quotas provided by the excellent App Engine service. In the last years traffic has increased that much, that I've started to hit the free quota limits on some days.

In 2012 I started to serve as an alternative site running on my own server. The two options were paying for App Engine or paying for my a server. I decided for the latter, just to have a bit more control over the setup and configuration. It's not to say that App Engine isn't a good service :)

Now that I don't need to maintain two different versions of the same application I can totally focus on improving this site. Planned improvements are (in no particular order):

a cleaner UI
The current UI is a bit out-dated IMO. I'd clean up the visual appearance of this site, especially the SQL editor needs some love.
a better API
The current API needs some love too :)
a Chrome / Firefox app
I'm aware that most of you are using this tool on your desktop. So why not give a better integration by customizing the site a bit so that it runs smoothly as a Chrome / Firefox web app. The benefits for you are that you can start it as an application on your desktop rather than opening a new browser tab.
improving the formatter
The formatter / SQL parser is under constant development. New and improved features land here first.
[you name it]
Please use the light bulb in the lower right corner to add your suggestions or vote for suggestions made by other users. For me it's an important source for scheduling new features.